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Vision Elevated Event & Etiquette Consulting LLC

*It's in the detail*
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About Us

Based in South Carolina, Vision Elevated Event & Etiquette Consulting LLC work with interested parties educating and re-introducing chivalry and etiquette for personal and professional environments. Providing workshops for children & adults on topics such as table etiquette/ protocols, meeting & greeting skills, communication skills and much more.  As an Event Strategist, Vision Elevated plan and organize weddings, parties, galas, and social gatherings, as well as professional conventions and seminars. Our ideas are always distinguished by their creativity, elegance, meticulous attention to detail, well-organized and seamless flow.

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Etiquette Class


"Thank you something HUGE for your willingness to say yes to support the planning of the Awesomeness Sparks Conference Your elevated vision has made this conference fly with an unique spirit like a butterfly. May you continue to see the beauty in every detail!!!"


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